The wonderful world of the African start-up scene, 3 examples from finance

To westerners, the African start-up scene is not known as a success story. While huge investments from China flood many African countries, the money goes into a much-needed infrastructure rather than innovative ideas. 95% of the start-up fundings on the African continent flow in Nigerian start-ups, mostly to Lagos (sometimes named the African Silicon Valley). The fundings in Africa are still low with less than $2b in the last 10 years for the whole of Africa and even plunged in 2020 due to Covid-19.

On the other hand, there never before have been so many interesting start-ups in Africa as…

It’s been almost a year since the pandemic started to separate us from the things we love.

The German Instagram channel love.kram from Silvie Bomhard picked up an interesting conversation: a child (about 2 years old) asked his father why the people in the picture do not wear face masks. He answered that it was taken before Covid-19. The reaction of the child? “Were we already alive at that time?”. (

Just as the 2-year-old can’t imagine a world without Covid-19, our memories of a world without the pandemic are slightly fading away. Still we kind of miss the “good…

30 participants with no background in data science developing their own machine learning-based image classification in just 2 hours

A no-code machine learning workshop with 30 participants, with diverse backgrounds — from (UX-)designers, managing directors, innovation scouts to even a biologist — all with zero to basic AI knowledge, none with any expert knowledge in data science or statistics. The goal of this workshop was to understand the basic vocabulary, processes, and limits of AI in a playful approach using a no-code tool from Google named Teachable Machine.

Benjamin Flader

innovation enthusiast | tech ↔️ business | pro-actively shaping the future by making emerging technology available to everyone

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